About Us

Founded in Verona, Italy, IZA BOA is a family-run business rooted both in a deep passion for craftsmanship and in the celebration of local manufacturing traditions whose goal is to offer high quality hand-made leather shoes. 

From the cut to sewing, passing through traditional processes such as the ideal montaggio stitching technique, the company still holds the epicenter of the whole production process and follows step by step the entire supply chain up to the creation of a unique finished product with a timeless look.

Transparency and authenticity are part of IZA BOA’s ethos, which strongly relies on the knowledge of the team of artisans whose work challenges the rigid seasonality of fashion preferring a slow, conscious and artisanal production process.



Through careful, meticulous and detailed research, we select high quality materials from local supplies in order to offer the most comfortable, durable and resistant products. Prestigious leathers, fabrics, natural rubbers and metal inserts are the starting point of all our shoes and a crucial aspect of all the production process.


Production Process

From leather-cutting to the final touches, passing through handmade techniques and processes, our team of artisans takes care of every step of the production drawing on the know-how of decades of manufacturing traditions. An example of this approach is the Ideal Montato  technique, a fundamental step which involves hand-stitching the upper with the midsole and sole of the shoe–an ancient method that prevents the separation and wear of these elements.