A true Made in Italy craftsmanship

In the heart of the picturesque Italian lands, lands of vineyards and history, art and tradition merge in a timeless embrace, giving life to Izaboa footwear, a brand that embodies 360° artisan excellence. Unique footwear, handmade with passion and dedication by expert craftsmen who jealously guard secrets handed down from generation to generation. Each pair of Izaboa shoes is the result of a laborious process, requiring not only technical expertise, but also a passion for beauty and perfection. All processing phases, from sewing to finishing, are carried out by hand with a mastery that only Italian artisans can offer. There are 22 processing phases necessary to produce IZABOA shoes and for each single pair of shoes our artisans spend 2.30 hours of work. Let's discover the phases one by one.

Phase 1: Cutting the upper and lining


Phase 2: Cutting the upper and lining

Phase 3: Preparation of upper edges

Phase 4: Preparation of the leather insole

Phase 5: Sewing uppers and linings

Phase 6: Upper drafting to prepare for assembly

Phase 7: Tip Assembly

Phase 8: Put the upper in the oven to make it soft

Phase 9: Assembly of the upper and insole

Phase 10: Upper preparation

Phase 11: Upper assembly

Phase 12: Upper assembly

Phase 13: Upper beating

Step 14: Preparing the midsole layers

Step 15: Preparing multi-layered midsoles and pieces

Phase 16: Extraction of nails and assembly

Step 17: Assembling the steel tip

Phase 18: Preparation and cutting of the natural crepe sole

Phase 19: Preparation and cutting of the natural crepe sole

Phase 20: Ideal stitching that distinguishes these ideal assembled shoes

Phase 21: Preparation for gluing the midsoles and their components

Phase 22: Hot logging

Processing Video